Sports Injury Treatments in Monterey Park, California

Optimal Health Institute, in Monterey Park, California, gets you back in the game with our highly effective sports injury treatments. We offer injury prevention programs and minimally invasive surgeries for faster recovery times.

Sports Injuries Treatments:

• Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
• Treatment of Brachial Plexus

• Treatment for Tennis Elbow and
   Rotator Cuff Issues including Tendonitis
• Treatment for Strains & Sprained Muscles

Additional Sports Injury Services & Programs:

• Meniscus Care Services
• Ankle Sprains, Necks Pain, & Back Pain Services
• Computerized De-Compression Programs
• Balance Training Programs

• Core Stabilization Programs
• Post-Op Functionally Focused Rehab Programs
• Cervical Radiculopathy & Lumbar
   Radiculopathy Services


Auto Accidents

Our pain management clinic is your auto accident specialist. We offer all of the same services and specialties as with a sport related injury with the exception of the following:

• We Specialize in Post-Concussive Head Injuries 
• We Offer Cervical & Lumbar Sprain Strengthening

• We Also Treat Dizziness & Headaches
   Related to Auto Accidents

Knee Pain, Sports Injury Treatments in Monterey Park, CA

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